Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Garneir colour care conditioner and shampoo on 4a/b hair

Hey everyone ,while taking out my crochet braids, l ran out of shampoo and conditioner .I had to make a mad dash to the supermarket to buy some, l ran into B & M because its like the pound shop dirty cheap,with my thick hair and tight curls , l use about half a bootle of conditioner  combing and washing my hair. I usually only use about a tablespoon of shampoo as its drier my hair but this shampoo was very different , it was so thick and creamy ,that after washing my hair it was still soft.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Is beyonce turning into a cheap whore

Is it just me or is beyonce turning into a cheap whore ,who needs to glamorize violence to sell a record, she a beautiful talent sister with a angel voice ,its a pity she cant see the negative image she's promoting of black people around the world. I think African American call it being a house nergo, doiug whatever your master say's fuck the consequences for the image

black people around the world

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Living in two countries at once cheaply

Hi everyone ,after some thought and messing the dutch and Germany countryside.I'm going to get a small studio in Manchester and get a place in Germany and live in two country's at once.
So how do l plan to do it,well most of my clothes are in Netherlands right now in storage and all i need to do is get a place to stay ,with furniture. Like bed, sofa etc
My place in manchester is my mum's house but I'm a bit fed up so I'm going to get a small studio apartment in manchester in a cheap area.My stuff from my old flat ats  my mums house so i wont have to buy to much.

The first thing I'm going to do, is to start a business that I can take abroad to Germany ,I'm starting a online sewing business ,selling bags to generate income.

The second thing is to start blogging regular
on my YouTube channel and blog to earn money

And thirdly I'm going to have a blast, I decided to living in two places simply because I miss my mum but cant take her with me to Germany , so i'm going to live in to place.I'll travel by coach or place depending on which is cheaper when I need to move between countries. I think I'll spend most my time in Germany ,then one week in manchester once a month. Updates coming soon.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Shame Film Michael Fassbender and Steve Mc Queen

God I just watched Shame the film starring Michael Fassbender ,it was brilliant ,it was so dark and the main character and hes sister in the movie came across as tortured souls.Its was film beautiful ,so many silent moments ,with just the main characters thoughts and the piano playing. Its definitely inspire me to do a short film ,

Its was written by Steve McQueen,hes definitely a tortured soul , if he can write that well and translate that to screen he's got to have some demon's in the closet .The film reminds me ,that sometimes the pain threats to overcome you ,choking out your breath.Its only the will to see another day that keeps the heart beating.

Also hes got a fine arts degree and I think you can see it by the way he filmed this movie ,l'll have to watch more of hes movies from now on,l hope he gets an Oscar and Michael Fassbender for a great film

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Steve McQueen (Black British Director) 12 Years a slave ( Sexist Michael Fassbender )

12 years a slave is a film director by a British Black Director Steven McQueen and surprisingly , I have never heard of this director before.This is no surprise as Britain came be a racist, classium ,sexist country ,where racism,class and gender equality is sweep under the carpet and where there ruling class prevail and anyone else needs are forgot. The fact that this film has been heavy promoted because it depicts black people as slaves again is not a consequences ,this is institutional racism at work ,Steve made lots of films but none have got the promotion that he's film 12 years a slave got.This film plays into the idea that blacks are nothing but slaves and only here to serve the white ruling class.

This isn't a criticism of Steve as a director but as I would like to see the film as it looks good but it shows you how little infrastructure of Black Britain has to promote films made by black people and how little we  use are pocket to support black actors,directors when they film comes out. Most of us don't even get to see the film in the cinema ,as it has limited release then goes straight to DVD. And then it is claimed to be a commercial failure even though no body hardly knew about the film.

This is a sad story of how black people's are treated in the film industry, on a positive note what l can see of Michael Fassbender and the other actors in the trailer,comes across like there some excellent acting in the movie.So I'll have to do a review when I see the movie, Let's raise a glass to Steve Mc Queen

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Riping Green tomatoes indoors

Due to winter coming in thick and fast I had to pick my Green tomatoes and place them in a sealed container to ripe,also in the picture are my tiny potatoes.I love growing my own food