Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The tales of two cities gentrification urbanization of Salford and Manchester

The tales of two cities is what Manchester and Salford are right now.Having lived in both cities ,in the deprived part of both.(Moss side and Pendleton) .Its apparent that the millions of pounds of investing ain't benefiting poor folk much.It seems to be improving the life of people not from the area,while locals are just forgot .
All this money is spend on building new homes for southerners who move because of the bbc relocation .
But the chance of local people being able to afford a house or a flat is quite low because Pendleton has 40 percent of people working and the other 60 percent don't work,only god knows what they do ,probably just exist.
Theses new 1000 homes being build ,don't look like people from Pendleton will be buying ,my unemployed arse can only dream of a better life.And buying my own home.
Its big gentrification,urban renewal,urbanization ,project ,of moving the poor around the city ,to make way for people with money, social cleansing at its best,

Wish me luck l have a job interview on friday

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The riot club move review

God what can I say about this movie, but its fucking brilliant.I'm definitely going to buy it, when it comes out on DVD.
Its such a sad movie too, it has so many theme's running through it, its hard to express what I feel in words for this movie, but I will try.

The first thing which amaze me, is how its shot,its got this Gothic beautiful to it,all the old building century's old,then there's darkness of the shots,which make the intense of what going on more real.Its really makes you think about what's going on on screen.

Then there's the senseless violence in the movie ,which shocked me to the core, it was so senseless ,just like the characters did it for fun ,like its was a blood sport and fuck the consequence.
They only reactions were,money can fix anything and how the fuck can we find a scapegoat for this fucking messy,its was so sick to see people act like this.

But it made me wonder if David Cameron and hes elite friends in the government thought like that.And act like this,but with the current wars Britain involve in,it makes me think this is how they think. The old empire thinking hasn't died just change form.

I wonder why this film didn't get a lot of publicity, I think the British Establishment made it that way ,as it makes the Establishment look like sicko's,spoilt rotten plus out of touch. I'm starting to realize  the Establishment ,with all there scandals e.g child abuse ,expense row, will go to any lengths to protect its image,Even if innocence people get hurt and the truth is buried .The Establishment must maintain power.Screw the little people.

Power corrupts

Anyway I dont want to give to much away, just in case someone hasn't see it but this film will make you think, its the type of film you need, to watch more then once to understand it and its message ,Please comment and share on twitter ,facebook.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Window Shopping at Asda .

As usually I'm window shopping and running around the supermakert,quickly as I hate food shopping, especially if its packed, it's to stressfull..
But as I went round ,I came across some lovely item's , I need in my life,even if it means buying a bigger wardrobe.The first item is a lace dress, its to die for, it will match with my lovely red high heels in my wardrobe.

Then there's the fur shaggy coat in a cream colour, it looks so beautiful and it's dead cheap but looks more expensive.
I can't wait untill pay day, its ghetto fablous all the way.Just because I'm on a low income don't mean I have to look like a bin lady.Its important to look after yourself. Please comment and share on twitter , facebook .

Sunday, 2 November 2014

My new Cubot P9 for fashion blogging

Hi as you know, I'm a part time blogger who loves blogging ,but unfortunately I don't have a big budget to get the latest phones with all the features.
So I went looking for a cheap Chinese make one ,that looked like the Samsung and had a 5 inches screen. And lucky for me I found the Cubot p9 via YouTube video review.It looked very impressive.So I brought one.

When it came ,it had two battery inside and two lovely white plastic covers.One with a flip side and the other without.Its feels very sturdy and slick at thee same time and the images on the screen look beautiful.
Its also comes with a Uk charger and earphones.I brought it on Amazon ,with next day delivery.

Its everything I could ask for and has save me a packet of money .The only thing I would say ,if you going to use it to all day for the internet and answer email ,you will have to charge it everyday but apart from that, its a bargain.

Dual Core ,

Dual SIM,

SIM-Free 3G


GPS Bluetooth

What I'm currently reading / Was ich gerade lese

Morning everyone , if you don't know already, I'm a keen reader.So today I wanted to share what I'm reading right now, for business and pleasure purposes.

Morgen allerseits, wenn Sie noch nicht wissen, ich bin ein scharfes reader.So ich heute zu teilen, was ich gerade lesen , von Geschäft und Vergnügen wollte

The first book is George Orwell 1984, this classic book ,is the story of the raise of a totalitarian government ,where everyone in society is watched by a thing called big brother.

Das erst Buch ist George Orwell 1984Dieses klassische Buch ist die Geschichte von der Erhöhung einer totalitären Regierung wo jeder in der Gesellschaft wird von Big Brother Staat sah.

The next book is called Civilization or Barbarism by Cheikh Anta Diop this book talks about ancient Egypt ,being a black African civilization. Its also talks about Indo Aryan culture, whitewash of ancient Egypt history and them claiming their achievement for themselves.

The last book is called Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women by Michael Gross.This book highlights the dark side of the modelling industry, that no one wants to talk about.The story behind the huge marketing machine and the heavy price that fame and fortune can have.
The first few pages of this book is fascinating and shocking so far, but its a huge book,its going to take a while to read this book. Watch this space.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Life without a Bra

If there's one thing l hate is wearing a bra with under-wire in it , I remember a time when most bra's didn't have any wire in them .But due to the wonder bra era , most bra's nowadays have wire in them and this makes them a no no in my book .
I usually wear vest with hidden support in them or little bra top .I brought a lovely set of two bra tops from Primark for 5 pounds, there so comfortable and give me the support l need.
I'm only a C cup and don't like having wire dig into me all day,who every created the bra with wire in  it, probably never had

to wear one for a long period.

Friday, 31 October 2014

My thoughts on Nicki Minaji song Lookin ass nigga and its cry for help.

So as you know, if you follow my twitter ( , I'm a big hip hop, rap   blues, jazz, r&b fan . And I have notice lately, just how many song's seem to have the word #NIGGA in it, like that's the only word in the English language ,to describe a black person your piss off with.
Check urban dictionary for definition of this famous word

This new song from Nicki Minaj had me thinking,I don't think its her best song,but the lyrics came across,as well thought out. But I can guarantee you, most people won't heard the lyrics ,just spend time dancing to the beat. As well as run around,thinking Nicki a gangster.

But personally I think Nicki's,put some real thought into what she said ,so here's a run down of some of the lyrics, that got me thinking.

Bunch of non-mogul ass niggas
Frontin' like they got a plan,

I believe she talking about,the lack of Black Owned multi nation companies in the west and how some black folk,love to talk about liberation,but can't even provide jobs for unemployed black folk in the west.
But then expect black folk to be liberated and not to need mainstream institution to fund there dreams.Tell me if you think she's talking about this ,I welcome feed back, in the comment section.

Boost Mobile ass nigga,
Nigga, nigga,
Look at y'all can't get a job so you plottin' how to rob ass niggas.

This line for me is about black folk ,who talk about liberation one minute,then try something positive ,then when it fails, go back to robbing people to get the mighty Dollar or pound depending on where you are in the west.What do you think, reply's in the comment section.

I ain't gotta check for y'all, but if I'ma check for y'all
I'ma need a check from y'all niggas
I don't want sex, give a fuck about your ex
I don't even want a text from y'all niggas

I'm rapin' you niggas
Look at this pic, look what the fuck I gave to you niggas
Ain't feelin' these niggas
Niggas want my time, call me Clinton, I'm billin' these nigga

This section,I think she's commenting on,what all women need,which is a man, they can rely on, financially,emotionally and in the bedroom .A women needs a man not a boy,she need him to be able to provide ,as he's the head of the house.Some thing that alot of black men in the west ,due to high unemployment and incarceration can't do.

So hope you enjoyed my post, please follow, comment and share on social media.Bye